Educational Conference

Many childhood deaths can be prevented with proper education to recognize the signs, symptoms and vulnerabilities that children face in their daily lives. Our goal is to present information, learned skills and knowledge to community leaders, to the physicians and medical communities, first responders, teachers and educators and to students advancing in the medical field that serve and/or will serve the children in the communities we service. We aspire for the community to be prepared with invaluable knowledge to recognize the deadly risks that children face and to be equipped to help prevent the deaths of children associated with these risks.

The presentational method for the conference is offered with Case Presentation with Learner Participation, Panel Discussion, and Lecture with Q&A. The live activity is geared towards all physician specialties. The conference activities encompass the following desirable outcomes: Patient Care & Procedural Skills, Medical Knowledge, Professionalism, and Practice-Based Learning & Improvement.​

Desired Outcomes of conference:
At the end of the activity, participants should be able to:

1. Address pediatric and adolescent covered topics appropriately
2. Recognize how influences in early life can be a contributor to behaviors and conditions
3. Recognize how exploring conditions, threats and vulnerabilities through a child’s eyes identifies childhood risk of death

Past topics meant to prevent childhood death by educating and equipping attendees:

Year 1—Death through Trauma
Year 2–Death from Child Abuse
Year 3–Death from Bullying and Suicide
Year 4– Death from Addictions