The Unforgettables Foundation is a 501c (3) non profit organization founded by Timothy Evans in 1999. During a decade of clinical ministry to children and their families, Evans assisted families with the many crises surrounding the death of a child-not the least of which are the crushing financial burdens experienced by families with limited resources.

Assisted by Inland Empire educators, medical professionals, social workers, and morticians, Evans created The Unforgettables Foundation. Paramount among aspects of the Foundation’s mission is to assist low-income families provide a dignified, appropriate burial for their children who have died.

The Unforgettables Foundation is operated almost entirely by volunteers.


The mission of The Unforgettables Foundation is to:

  • Enable low-income families to give their children a dignified burial
  • Empower communities to memorialize children who have died
  • Educate parents and children’s caregivers to confront, control and conquer the primary risks to our children’s health and wholeness
  • Encourage communities to recognize the financial trauma which is often associated with the death of a child


Glenn A. Abercrombie, Chair
Rob Walsh, Chair Elect
Seth Ahlborn, Treasurer
Kyle Rogers, Secretary

Board of Directors

Glenn A. Abercrombie
Rob Walsh
Seth Ahlborn
Larry Davis
Pam Starr
Brenda Fischbach
Howard Russell
Kyle Rogers
Alida Roberts
Devonne Rowlen
Tim Evans
Mitchell Morales
Nathan Stiffler
Tim Ehrlich
Veronica Alvarado
Andrea Coy
Kelly Stewart

Tax ID #: 47-4966346