​The Unforgettables Foundation Hosts December 31, 2018

Lights for Little Lives Memorial Walk

The Unforgettables Foundation Hosts December 31, 2018 Lights for Little Lives Memorial Walk
The 19th annual Lights for Little Lives Memorial Walk will take place on December 31, 2018 at 3:30 pm in Loma Linda.

Each year The Unforgettables Foundation (TUF) has presented this beloved memorial walk, candle lighting, child naming and award ceremony on New Year’s Eve.Hundreds reflect and celebrate the lives and journeys of children who have passed, but will forever be remembered in the hearts of those who knew them.

“The Lights for Little Lives Memorial Walk brings together families, friends and the community to remember the many children who have died too soon,” according to Chaplain Timothy Evans, Founder/CEO of TUF. “The event is another way the organization is able to further touch the lives of family members and loved ones in a caring way,” he said.

This moving event is free and open to the public as a way of remembering all children who have lost their lives.

TUF also recognizes those who work to heal, rescue and save children. Three sources supply awardee’s for Top Doctor: the Riverside County Medical Association, the San Bernardino County Medical Society, and Loma Linda University Childrens’ Hospital. This year, three physicians will receive the Top Doctor award for their compassionate care toward our area children: Annalisa A. Abjelina, MD, James Tong, MD, and Thomas Bahk, MD.

The group assembles in the parking lot of the Ronald McDonald House, 11365 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, across the street from Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, at 3:30 pm.

Three to four mothers who lost a child will release a dove at sunset, joined by 21 doves in a memorial flight. Many say the dove flight, symbolic of a heavenly journey, is a key highlight of the celebratory awareness event.

After the ceremony, a 3-block walk will commence led by boy scouts, children, physicians, firemen, funeral professionals, volunteers and faith community leaders.The walk continues down Anderson Street and ends at the Campus Hill Church where there will be a 45-minute ceremony of candle lighting and name reading. Numerous families attend this event annually to recognize a child who has passed.

The Lights for Little Lives Memorial Walk and Candle Lighting Ceremony was the very first public event created by The Unforgettables Foundation after a full year of serving families across the region.To date, nearly 6,000 families have been helped with financial and burial support from over 80 cities in Southern California. The Orange Belt Funeral Directors Association, various clergy associations and medical associations in the region collaborate with the heartwarming celebration of our children in life and in death.

About The Unforgettables Foundation​

The Unforgettables Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization founded by Chaplain Timothy Evans in 1999. During a decade of clinical ministry to children and their families, Evans assisted families with many crises surrounding the death of a child and recognized the financial burdens experienced by families with limited resources. Since 1999, the organization has provided burial assistance for over 5,000 families in Southern California. It is the mission of the organization that every family that goes through the terrible tragedy of losing a child should be able to afford a dignified burial. For more information, please call 909-335-1600.